Saturday, October 30, 2010

photo shoot

Finally I feel coming out of wood and seeing the bush?
now I have to chooses from around 100 photos. I have been looking on clothes for so long, I felt lose interest and just want them to go away. Having this photo shoot made me really excite.
after all I'm not doing to badly.

Luke in his aliment

Kat in her moment

lovely people


what next?

check this out!

I had lovely time with my friends, I am so lucky to have them around.
Thank you all.
Haley V on make up
Kat on shooting manager
Luke on Photo
and wonderful model Djamila.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

what have you been doing?

apron dress ( vintage fabric)
I don't know how to describe, but when find fabric I like to working with it's like christmas.
I been working with non color for so long seen this 100% cotton vintage print fabric I have to have it.

circle 1

circle 2

Here I'm, I been working on my little collection and fighting with my fear.
I'm still love to working with geometric shape and vintage twist. (old and new)
I think that is my style bit quirky.......

Zimala came to try cloth on today.
I was very excite to see my cloth on real person. I been looking on it too closely for so long starting to have self doubt. One thing about working with geometric shape, cloth don't have any hanger appeal and good to see it on. Anyway I think I need look for new location to take photo......